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What’s coming up…

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5th March

Thinking about your next corporate event?  Will it be finger food or an intimate cocktail party?  Give us a call today to discuss…

Choose from our NEW Standing Room Only Catering Menus to suit your food choices and budget…


At Standing Room Only we’re committed to only using the best quality produce and ingredients. If you’re looking for a catering company to create versatile and delicious finger food and menu items for  your next event in Brisbane, contact us or give Andrew a call today on 0433 822 280.


What does your caterer do for you?

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10th September

Working with a caterer is a very important aspect of planning your wedding cocktail party or special party event.   Its a bit like the “first date” in some respects.

Think about the type of events you have attended and what you really liked about them.  Obviously the food is going to be the main thing, but what was it about the whole event that made an impression:

Menu choices
Great food recommendations for themed events

When choosing your caterer you will probably have a plan in mind of what you want your party or event to be like.  Nowadays we are all in the habit of doing our research especially if you are on a budget.   So the dilemma is where to start?

Top tips for your wedding cocktail party…

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5th August

Times are changing and more people are looking at the option of scaling back the traditional reception and considering engaging a caterer for a more elegant cocktail party instead.

There are lots of really great benefits to planning your wedding cocktail event in this manner:

Mingling with guests

For this type of event the guests, including the bride and groom are circulating, so in fact it is more sociable for all. Even though waitering staff are bringing you the next delectable delights, guests are going to the bar for a drink, grabbing hors d’oevres and socialising along the way.