5 Australian Food trends for 2014

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30th January

Forget kale and quinoa – they’re both so 2013! At least that’s what many leading recipe blogs and chefs are saying, tipping the rise of healthy ‘clean’ foods to continue but manifesting in different ingredients which will be put under the spotlight increasingly in 2014.

However grains and veggies aren’t the only ones who will make noticeable appearances on menus and shopping lists around Australia, there are also some sweet treats that also look set to make it big in the world of catering and food service this year.

Standing Room Only are one of the Brisbane catering companies that are always keeping our ear to the ground to learn what’s popular when it comes to ingredients and dishes.

Here’s what we expect to see more of in 2014:

Food trends for 2014

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6th January

Its that time of the year when we all possibly consumed far too much rich food and beverages so that new year’s resolutions are focused on eating good food and exercising more.

2013 was a year of lots of different favours and trends.  Gluten free has been around for a while and is still high on the list for a lot of people.  Gluten free foods have definitely gotten better over the years but for most the focus seems to be more on eating lighter rather than eating more.

Food trends for 2014 in restaurants and catering companies are providing a larger range of gluten free flavours ,so that its healthy and best of all you don’t go home hungry.    The mix has included a lot of tapas tastes, with seafood, primarily salmon and prawns topping the list for most Australians … Read More »