Where to buy the best fresh produce in Brisbane

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27th March

Delicious food starts with fresh ingredients of the highest quality. Top quality produce can sometimes be hard to find, especially at reasonable prices. But if you live in Brisbane you don’t need to rely on the often overpriced and poor quality produce from the major supermarkets. If you get yourself to some of the best farmer’s markets and green grocers around the city, you can bag a bargain much fresher and tastier than what you often get from the supermarket giants.

Standing Room Only, one of the premier catering companies in Brisbane, only use the best ingredients in our culinary creations and we regularly source fresh ingredients from a number of suppliers and farmers markets around the city. Here’s our guide of the best places to buy fresh produce around Brisbane.

Catering — setting your standards high..

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12th March

Cooler months are coming and the team at Standing Room Only Catering are looking at introducing new items to the catering menus to celebrate.

With a change of season come new tastes, new flavours and inspired cooking.  As the temperature cools we look to cosy entertaining with family and friends.   As a nation we are obsessed with good food and are also very lucky that we do have a lot of choices.

We do set the standards high with food and catering because most of us are pretty good cooks ourselves, however, if its a special event and so you can enjoy your party its probably a good idea to bring in a professional caterer.

So when it comes to picking a caterer to partner with for your next corporate event, cocktail wedding or even celebrating a landmark event, what are your … Read More »

What’s coming up…

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5th March

Thinking about your next corporate event?  Will it be finger food or an intimate cocktail party?  Give us a call today to discuss…

Choose from our NEW Standing Room Only Catering Menus to suit your food choices and budget…


At Standing Room Only we’re committed to only using the best quality produce and ingredients. If you’re looking for a catering company to create versatile and delicious finger food and menu items for  your next event in Brisbane, contact us or give Andrew a call today on 0433 822 280.