30 January 2014

5 Australian Food trends for 2014

Forget kale and quinoa – they’re both so 2013! At least that’s what many leading recipe blogs and chefs are saying, tipping the rise of healthy ‘clean’ foods to continue but manifesting in different ingredients which will be put under the spotlight increasingly in 2014.

However grains and veggies aren’t the only ones who will make noticeable appearances on menus and shopping lists around Australia, there are also some sweet treats that also look set to make it big in the world of catering and food service this year.

Standing Room Only are one of the Brisbane catering companies that are always keeping our ear to the ground to learn what’s popular when it comes to ingredients and dishes.

Here’s what we expect to see more of in 2014:


    All capital cities in Australia have enjoyed casual outdoor eating in the form of gourmet food trucks and pop up restaurants as an increasing proportion of foodies continue turn away from fine dining restaurants looking for more casual options.

    This has been the case in Brisbane, and we look forward to seeing this interesting form of food service continue in 2014. We’re sure we won’t be the only ones welcoming more mobile catering ventures who set up pop up shops, and deliver gourmet meals on wheels.


    Quinoa was so popular last year that many of the countries producing the grain experienced significant supply shortages. Quinoa is still expected to be extremely popular, but menu trend setters are expected move towards other ancient grains, this time from Middle East including teff and freekeh. Also while not considered strictly a wheat or grain, buckwheat (a fruit seed) which can be used as an alternative to rice, seems to be increasingly making in inner city café menu appearances in the form of buckwheat pancakes.


    It’s been fondly referred to as the next kale, and for maybe a vegetable that doesn’t overly excited, however the diversity of the humble cauli in soups, salads and so many other dishes even its ability to be eaten raw should not be overlooked. Its wide nutritional benefits with good amounts of vitamin C and A, along with fibre, calcium and folate all but guarantees the health benefits of the cauliflower to be widely touted by health food bloggers and clean eaters in 2014.


    The rise of comfort food from the Southern U.S. looks set to continue, although instead of sliders, hoagies and chilli dogs, we’re expecting to see a lot more of a Texas and Louisiana smoky BBQ influence. Bring on the lathered, smoky goodness we say!


    For a while macaroons where the fashionable sweet dessert, but following the lead from patisseries in Paris dedicated éclair shops are springing up in Sydney and look set to follow in other capitals. Their versatility of savoury and sweet fillings plus their visual appeal make them the perfect treat for instagramming and social media sharing among the influential will no doubt only increase their exposure and uptake.

We’re always on topic with new trends and tastes here at Standing Room Only, but we also cater to the preferences of any tastes our guests have, whether that happens to be currently ‘trendy’ or not! We can advise on all different catering options for your next event in Brisbane so don’t hesitate to get in touch with us today on 0433 822 280.

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