12 March 2014

Catering - setting your standards high

Cooler months are coming and the team at Standing Room Only Catering are looking at introducing new items to the catering menus to celebrate.

With a change of season come new tastes, new flavours and inspired cooking. As the temperature cools we look to cosy entertaining with family and friends. As a nation we are obsessed with good food and are also very lucky that we do have a lot of choices.

We do set the standards high with food and catering because most of us are pretty good cooks ourselves, however, if its a special event and so you can enjoy your party its probably a good idea to bring in a professional caterer.

So when it comes to picking a caterer to partner with for your next corporate event, cocktail wedding or even celebrating a landmark event, what are your key requirements?


It has to taste good for your special event so picking a catering company that offers a mobile gourmet service, whereby the food is prepared and cooked on the premises in your home or venue is a great choice.

You will find that in most cases your kitchen is left spotless, sometimes even cleaner than when the caterers arrived.


Catering menus at Standing Room Only are designed to offer a a great variety of seasonal flavours for all discerning tastes including gluten free or other special menu requests.

Check with your caterer to make sure your choices are a suitable mix for your special event.


We live in a very sociable society so take note of caterers that are recommended on your social media channels or do your research on your chosen catering company websites. If people are happy about the food and service they will definitely tell you via a testimonial or social media posting.


Manage your budget but not to the detriment of your party or event. Your catering company has the expertise to advise a great balance of items for the number and type of guests you plan to invite and also to fit your budget, so use his knowledge to ensure your party is great!

Standing Room Only is a Brisbane Catering Company that provides gourmet, finger food and mobile catering for cocktail, corporate or wedding cocktail events. Contact us now for your next party or cocktail event.

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