Food trends for 2014

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Food trends for 2014

Its that time of the year when we all possibly consumed far too much rich food and beverages so that new year’s resolutions are focused on eating good food and exercising more. 2013 was a year of lots of different favours and trends.  Gluten free has been around for a while and is still high on the list for a lot of people.  Gluten free foods have definitely gotten better over the years but for most the focus seems to be more on eating lighter rather than eating more. Food trends for 2014 in restaurants and catering companies are providing a larger range of gluten free flavours ,so that its healthy and best of all you don’t go home hungry.    The mix has included a lot of tapas tastes, with seafood, primarily salmon and prawns topping the list for most Australians according to Aus Food News. Quinoa usage increased dramatically for those looking for different flavours to work into their cooking menus but also as a gluten free alternative.   The general consensus is that people are buying more local produce and coupling the grains with seafood for a fresher, lighter dish.  Always better especially in hot climates. Kale and kimchi were a hot in some circles but the interest may be tapering off to be replaced by high end vegan dishes, maybe even cauliflower.   Do we really know? Goat cheese has always been popular but there has been a lot of talk around goat meat dishes for 2014.   Will it overtake the popularity of pork belly, we’ll have to wait and see.   Standing Room Only is a Brisbane Catering Company that provides gourmet, finger food and mobile catering for cocktail, corporate or wedding events.  Contact us now for your next party of cocktail event.


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