18 June 2013

Helpful hints when planning your next cocktail party…

Have you ever wanted to plan a great cocktail party but never had the time? Well life moves so fast these days but sometimes we do have to stop and “smell the roses” or just make the time to do something we have always wanted to do. So go for it!!


If you are planning a themed event make sure you are not racing out to the shops a few hours before for your party supplies and make sure you choose your decorations wisely. Outdoor decorations can be fantastic or a flop; it all depends on how you use them. String lights and fairy lights that are battery operated work well as you don’t have to worry about finding a place to plug them in.

Paper lanterns are also a great choice as many have the option of using a candle for providing a nighttime glow. If it’s windy out, try using an LED light as it’s safer. Take away all the stress by ordering all your party supplies, decorations online so you can tick that off your list early.


If you really want to enjoy your party it is probably a good idea to get the party catered, it ensures that you are not slaving away in the kitchen and missing out on all the fun.

For most cocktail parties finger food is the best choice, as it allows your guests to graze and mingle at the same time. Check out the menus and also take into account any special requests – are your guests vegan, gluten free or have allergies?


Make sure you let people know at least 2-3 weeks in advance so that you can organise your catering, party and bar supplies in time. If you are planning a full bar, check with the catering company to see if they can also provide bar staff for the event.


Be smart about budgeting, if you are using a caterer, listen to their recommendations. They will usually know how far your budget will stretch and ensure that people don’t go hungry. If you are providing drinks, estimate around 2-3 drinks per person and make sure that you have also catered for designated drivers by providing mocktails or soft drinks.

If your budget is really tight get people to bring a bottle or offer a donation towards the cocktails.

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