2 June 2013

The changing face of food & catering…

In restaurants, catering kitchens and even home kitchens the type of ingredients used in everyday cooking is constantly changing and this is transforming the world of food and catering.

Also changing is where we eat our food – gone are the days of sitting down and eating a hearty meal with the whole family. The world is moving so fast nowadays that it is preferable to eat a burger while sitting in a bar and partaking of a glass of wine or other beverage to compliment the meal. In Australia, the amalgamation of Asian, Italian, Mexican as well as South American is a constant.

The Aussie kitchen is on an exploratory journey of infusing a variety of gourmet flavours to tantalise the taste buds. Reality food shows have added to this as the home cook strives to keep up the latest trends.

Food Trends have shown that Australians are thriving on a new menu of staples with vegetables currently the top focus of dishes. Mobile catering through food trucks, and smaller portions of finger food are being catered for adults but children are eating much the same fare.

Smaller portions are also becoming more prevalent so we can get to savour the taste of not just one dish but a variety of dishes in one sitting.

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