Top tips for your wedding cocktail party…

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Top tips for your wedding cocktail party…

Times are changing and more people are looking at the option of scaling back the traditional reception and considering engaging a caterer for a more elegant cocktail party instead. There are lots of really great benefits to planning your wedding cocktail event in this manner:

Mingling with guests

For this type of event the guests, including the bride and groom are circulating, so in fact it is more sociable for all. Even though waitering staff are bringing you the next delectable delights, guests are going to the bar for a drink, grabbing hors d’oevres and socialising along the way.

Using a caterer

There are a lot of caterers in Brisbane so it really helps to have a recommendation.   Also check with the caterer to find out their specialty – wedding, cocktail or finger food. Even better if your caterer is mobile, i.e., that there is a kitchen at the venue so the food can be prepared on the premises. Its great to do your research but probably the best thing to do is brief the caterer on your event, number of guests and ball-park budget.  They are the experts in this field and will know the types of menus that would be suitable.  If you make your caterer aware of any special requests it can also be included in the menu recommendation. Planning your wedding cocktail reception in this way ensures your guests get a great selection of food, the catering price tag is more appealing and more casual than a traditional sit down dinner.

Wedding Program

Just because the type of event has changed it doesn’t mean that you have to forego the usual wedding program.  Chat with your caterer to ensure that the event runs smoothly and allows time in between for speeches, first dance and they can even ensure the last items of food are taken out before the cutting of the cake.   Standing Room Only is a Brisbane Catering Company that provides gourmet, finger food and mobile catering for cocktail, corporate or wedding events.  Contact us now for your next party or cocktail event.