9 November 2013 

What’s hot and what’s not in food and catering!

Food courts are being replaced with food halls, there are lots more farmer’s markets, weekend popup markets, food fairs, food & wine festivals, food trucks and mobile catering.

How did it come to this?

I guess we got wise. After all we are living longer so we are looking at what food we are putting in our mouths. Nowadays people are more adventurous about food and fusion flavours – it’s a great way of taking something that we love and making it healthy or tasty. We have also had to take into account the amount of people who suffer from food allergies, so that too has affected our choice of food.

Food halls now offer much fresher product, speciality foods and more memorable eating experiences. As consumers we have become much more savvy – with a large number of celebrity chef restaurants opening up and cooking shows that now grace our presence, and we are demanding better quality for our money.

Mobile catering is also a great new way to sample great food in yourf home or office. It’s a fairly new concept whereby you supply the kitchen and your caterer prepares the food onsite for your cocktail, party, wedding or corporate event.

This is a great alternative to spending all day in the kitchen for that special occasion and the food tastes so good, the timing is perfect for when your guests arrive, you don’t have to stress, and you get to choose from a number of set menus that suit your price point and food tastes. Another great thing is that your caterer (the good ones) will leave your kitchen cleaner than when they arrived.

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