24 April 2014

A Guide to Brisbane’s best food trucks

Food trucks have brought new meaning to the phrase meals on wheels and mobile catering is a burgeoning trend not only here in Brisbane, but across Australia’s capital cities. Here in Queensland the food truck craze is continuing to boom in 2014, and for those looking for hot, fresh, tasty and gourmet finger food to go, the foodies at Standing Room Only Catering share our pick of Brisbane’s best food trucks.

We believe good food deserves to be recognised and that’s why we’re tipping our hat to our favourite food trucks and fellow foodies in our latest blog post. Click on their links below to find out where they are stationed, and plan your attack when they are next in your neck of the woods.


Fast, quick, easy and delicious is the motto of the Pasta Cruiser who serve up an ever changing menu of freshly made pasta, cooked to order in just 3 minutes. No matter if you prefer penne than rigatoni, or savour spaghetti instead of macaroni, there’s a sauce and a pasta style to suit you with their extensive menu and it’s hot, fresh and topped with your favourite cheese.


Forget bland bread rolls, the Bun Mobile is far more gourmet in its offerings. Hand crafted steamed buns await your tastebuds with delectable pork belly, wagyu beef and teriyaki chicken, packed full with Asian inspired sauces and vegetables. Vegetarians also need not miss out with meat free options available.


Tacos are the kind of food that mobile catering is made for, and with Mexican food so hot right now in Brisbane, it’s easy to see why this food truck is another favourite among Brisbanites. Not only do their tacos pack a bunch of flavours from their salsa, meats and sauce and guacamole, their toasted tortillas are perfect to gobble up on the run, or can be savoured one mouth full at a time. Be sure to try the Chorizo Scramble brunch offering with scrambled egg, charred corn peppers and topped with a side of beans and sour cream.


Brisbane’s first Americana inspired food truck serves up some comfort food lathered in smoky BBQ sauce that will have you smacking your lips for more. Choose from maple glazed streaky bacon, beef brisket, pulled pork rolls with coleslaw these Southern US offerings are sure to embrace you like a warm hug from your great Aunt.

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