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What does your caterer do for you?

Working with a caterer is a very important aspect of planning your wedding cocktail party or special party event. Its a bit like the “first date” in some respects. Think about the type of events you have attended and what you really liked about them. Obviously...

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Catering - Setting your stardards high

Cooler months are coming and the team at Standing Room Only Catering are looking at introducing new items to the catering menus to celebrate. With a change of season come new tastes, new flavours and inspired cooking. As the temperature cools...

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A guide to brisban's best food trucks

Food trucks have brought new meaning to the phrase meals on wheels and mobile catering is a burgeoning trend not only here in Brisbane, but across Australia's capital cities. Here in Queensland the food truck craze is continuing to boom in...

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Helpful hints when planning your next cocktail party…

Have you ever wanted to plan a great cocktail party but never had the time? Well life moves so fast these days but sometimes we do have to stop and “smell the roses” or just make the time to do something we have always wanted to...

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The Benefits of Hosting a Cocktail Wedding Catering

Cocktail wedding receptions are continuing to be a popular choice for couples getting married. The traditional sit down wedding in a generic 'one size fits all' function room definitely isn't for everyone, and there are a range of reasons why our...

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Planning a party with standing room only catering

Above all, canapés should be packed with flavour. Standing Room Only Catering’s canapés are delicious bites for all tastes, delightful twists on some of our most favourite classics. The best canapés combine several complementary taste and texture...

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What’s hot and what’s not in food and catering!

Food courts are being replaced with food halls, there are lots more farmer’s markets, weekend popup markets, food fairs, food & wine festivals, food trucks and mobile catering. How did it come to this? I guess we got wise. After all we are living longer so...

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Where to buy the best fresh produce in Brisbane

Delicious food starts with fresh ingredients of the highest quality. Top quality produce can sometimes be hard to find, especially at reasonable prices. But if you live in Brisbane you don’t need to rely on the often overpriced and poor quality produce from the...

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The changing face of food catering brisbane

“Food Catering Brisbane” In restaurants, catering kitchens and even home kitchens the type of ingredients used in everyday cooking is constantly changing and this is transforming the world of food and catering…

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5 Australian Food trends for 2014

Forget kale and quinoa – they’re both so 2013! At least that’s what many leading recipe blogs and chefs are saying, tipping the rise of healthy ‘clean’ foods to continue but manifesting in different ingredients which will be put under the spotlight increasingly...

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New Years Eve Catering Ideas

New Years Eve is just around the corner, and private parties can be one of the most enjoyable, affordable and stress free ways to welcome in the New Year with the people that matter most. Unless you’re planning a dinner party, finger food is often the focus...

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What’s coming up! Brisbane Easter Catering

Thinking about your next corporate event? Will it be finger food or an intimate cocktail party? Give us a call today to discuss… Choose from our NEW Standing Room Only Catering Menus to suit your food choices and budget... At Standing Room Only...

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